Monday, May 01, 2006

Failure Consultant

Why don't we teach people how to fail. Failure can be a success. Why does it have such a stigma. Perhaps there is a process to failure. In my professional consulting I have found that people normally have two responses to failure. The first (being the most common) is that they immediately look for someone to blame (not usually looking at themselves). In no way do they seek out the gap in knowledge that led to the failure in order to fill it and therefore create knowledge where there was none. The second response (which I hope to teach people how to do) is that they immediately seek out the gap in knowledge and fix it. They respond to the failure. They do not sit around and have a meeting discussing who was at fault. I am now taking on a new title as a result of my desire to teach people the Process for Successful Failure. I am officially a Failure Consultant. My hope is to help communities develop into even healthier communities by teaching them processes such as the Process for Successful Failure.

I challenge those reading this post to comment by sharing a failure that occured in your life and how you were able to find and fill a gap in knowledge as a result of that failure. Also discuss in your post your personal process for failure.

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